Pick A Word, Any Word!

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By: José Arana, Discover Puerto Rico

What word would you use to reflect how you can provide positive change in our tourism industry? The next normal, the great resignation, hybrid events, workforce development, and equity, diversity and inclusion were some of the topics discussed during PCMA Convening Leaders 2022 by action leaders coming from PCMA’s 20 in their 20s and Destinations International’s 30 under 30 programs.

Moving forward is the way to navigate the current uncertainty in our industry that has become our new normal. Collaboration has become key across all levels. What is collaboration and how does it look for Discover Puerto Rico?

Collaboration is a meaningful tool that we have as humans have to achieve goals and purposes. At Discover Puerto Rico, we have collaborated with other destinations that initially might be seen as competition but can become compliments to one another. For destination organizations, collaboration can help to lower costs that can later be repurposed such as supporting programs that are in place for planners that broaden our reach to key partners.

From a planner point of view, these collaborations permit them to network with peers in a more intimate and excusive setting while getting to know snippets of diverse destinations that will be fit for future program needs. 

As industry professionals, we can coach and support those around us, and champion in our daily activities by being passionate and following our purpose; this will lift and move our industry to a bright future while embracing and providing space to all of us that are part of it.

What is your word?

2022 PCMA panelists

Thanks to my fellow panelists, Bree, Dan, and Juliet!