Compensation and Benefits Platform: New Questions Added in 2023!

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<span>Compensation and Benefits Platform: New Questions Added in 2023!</span>
Bottom Line:

In 2023, new sections were added to the compensation and benefits platform that ranged from new positions, staffing needs, insurance offerings, and time off benefits. Using these new questions, destination organizations can evaluate their current compensation and benefits structure and compare it with peer destinations across the country.

As a Human Resources professional, I was delighted to hear that Destinations International offers complimentary compensation and benefits data to our members. Compensation is a complex subject, and for many of our members, it is just a small piece of the many responsibilities they hold within their organizations. In 2023, we added several new questions to the platform. The goal of these new questions is to ensure that the data is as comprehensive as possible, highlighting unique benefits that enhance a total investment package, and focusing on creating benefits that include all employees within an organization. 

Job Descriptions

We know that the reality for many of our destinations is that often within the Operations division, one person takes on the role and responsibilities of many verticals. The complexity here is that it often surpasses the simple crossover from one role to the next but is a singular role on its own. With this understanding, we have added the role of Director of Operations to the platform. 


The term FTE (full-time equivalent) has long been used to provide insight into the number of employees working for an organization. With reason, full-time employees come with additional costs that part-time, seasonal, temporary, or contract employees do not entail. However, those other employee types play a critical role in the success of an organization, along with the other aspects of employment as full-time employees do. For this reason, we shifted from the term FTE to headcount. By tracking headcounts, our destinations can get a better sense of how many people are part of the organization, not just those who are working full-time.

In this spirit, we added the ability for destinations to indicate how many interns they employ. We understand that many destinations rely on internships as a critical part of their employment structure and community engagement. It is important for organizations to see and compare that data for their own employment structures. 

Insurance Offerings  

Inclusivity can be implemented in many beautiful ways when it comes to employees. We have added transgender medical benefits as part of the insurance offering to raise awareness for our destinations and their employees. Knowing this information can be an asset in recruiting efforts and a tool to generate broader conversations and promote a lens of inclusivity beyond mere data. 

Time Off Benefits

We know that many destinations strive to offer unique and creative ways to enhance their total investment packages for their employees. Time off benefits are a significant component of this package, and there are numerous ways to be creative. We wanted to provide our members with the ability to share more insight into their benefit time setup. 


Parental benefits are important, but we also recognize that they can vary significantly for every organization. We have added questions specifically to allow members to provide greater detail on how their parental leave is set up, including gender-specific questions, the length of paid leave, and any subsidizing.

Getting Started

Usage of the compensation and benefit tool is complimentary for members of Destinations International who submit their data to the platform. After submitting your data, you will have access to compare your practices with peer destinations across the country. The only investment required to receive free compensation data is your time! Learn more about the compensation and benefits tool, log in, or apply for access today. Additional assistance can be provided through our research mailbox at [email protected]

About The Author

Lindsay Lodrini

Director of Human Resources & Culture
Destinations International

Lindsay supports Destinations International in the Human Resources function. Her focus is to lead with care while supporting the development and wellbeing of the Destinations International team members. Her role additionally includes the Human Resources functions of payroll, benefits, compliance, and associate relations. Lindsay joined Destinations International in 2023 after focusing her professional career in the hotel industry including the Front of House Operations and Human Resources.

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