Collaboration Divides the Task and Multiplies the Success


Let the new Local & Public Events module of the Event Impact Calculator help foster success for your destination and convention center.

Over 270 CVBs are already evaluating the value of meetings, conventions, sporting events and festivals in their destinations. Now, both CVBs and Convention Centers can assess local and public events occurring in their destination.

Destinations International, International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) and Tourism Economics have partnered to produce the Local & Public Events (LPE) Module for the Event Impact Calculator (EIC). This newest module of the EIC provides destinations with the tools they need to assess all types of events occurring at a convention center.

The first step in purchasing this module is collaboration between destination organizations and convention centers.

The importance of collaboration.

In 2017, Destinations International and IAVM formed the City Pairs Task Force, comprised of both convention center and destination organization leadership. The mission of this task force was to address the inconsistencies in event impact reporting and develop collaborative practices so we could foster the ability within our industry to deliver one powerful message.

The task force recognized the need to share with our respective communities how convention centers and CVBs are successfully collaborating. For CVBs and convention centers to work together most effectively, there seemed to be the need for a context of structure, a willingness to share, adequate access to each other’s information, widespread accountability, joint advocacy, and technology to aid the entire process. And then one other big thing: a foundation of TRUST must be present to initially grow and then sustain any jointly applied efforts. We call these the Six Collaborative Practices: Structure, Sharing, Access, Accountability, Advocacy, and Technology.

Now, you can review our Collaborative Best Practices eBook to discover some practical ways to get the conversation flowing between your destination organization and convention center.

A new EIC Module is born.

The second deliverable of the task force was the creation of the Local and Public Events Module to our existing Event Impact Calculator. Read on to learn how this module helps create a consistent methodology for all convention center events.

The evaluation of meetings, conventions, sporting events and festivals was already available in the EIC, but consumer shows are different, with largely local attendee draws and convention centers were asking to see information on total spend generated by these events.

Local and public events are different; they have a unique visitor profile, distinct spending and activity patterns and the party size and length of stay vary from traditional events. Therefore, they need different evaluation metrics than other event types – they can be quite large and relevant to residents. While impacts may be lower, spending is still significant. Local and public events have different key metrics in which to evaluate them compared to other event types.

What event types can I analyze with this module?

The new Local and Public Events module now allows users to analyze:

  • Public and consumer shows, such as: flower shows, boat shows and comic cons
  • Food and beverage functions, such as: weddings and banquets
  • Community events, such as: political events and health fairs
  • Testing and education events, such as: police and law school tests.

What inputs will I need to utilize this tool?

  • Event Dates
  • Event Type
  • Overnight Visitors
  • Local Share of Day Visitors
  • Room Rate
  • Option to use Floor Space for Default Organizer/Exhibitor Spending

What is unique that differentiates this module?

  • It’s collaborative! It offers joint system access for CVBs & convention centers.
  • There is now the ability to use floor space to calculate organizer/exhibitor spending.
  • You can enter aggregate spending for organizers and exhibitors for the event.
  • You can now see breakout event spending for local and visiting attendees.

Who can subscribe to the LPE Module?

Destinations International member organizations and IAVM-member Convention Centers are invited to license the Local and Public Events module at an annual rate determined by the rentable square footage of the destination's convention center. Current EIC subscribers receive a 10% discount on the LPE module by entering promo code EIC10 at checkout.

How do I get started?

Ready to subscribe?

Fill out the LPE Interest Form to begin your subscription process. Let us know how your destination takes advantage of this new, collaborative module of the Event Impact Calculator.  We want to keep the conversation going.