Sophia Hyder Hock

Chief Diversity Officer
Destinations International

Sophia Hyder Hock has spent 20 years developing tailored strategy, training, facilitation, and coaching services on topics pertaining to diversity and social inclusion, gender empowerment, community engagement and outreach, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness for clients in the international development and travel industries. She integrates human centered design thinking, and mindfulness practices into her work as a holistic way to develop sustainable outcomes that align with business performance and the enabling environment. Operationally, Ms. Hyder Hock has experience creating and managing budgets of $145M+ for development programs around the world.

In 2020, and in collaboration with Travel Unity, Sophia played an active role in developing the DEI Standards for Travel and Tourism and the Certified Diversity Travel Professional (CDTP) program. She has spoken at universities, travel industry events, and entrepreneurial platforms about how to integrate DEI in a practical and sustainable manner. Sophia has traveled to 40+ countries and is always excited to learn about people, history, and cultural nuances.