MINT+ Service Announcements


Stay up to date on maintenance improvements and feature enhancements slated for MINT+ with service announcements below.

December 2019

So far in 2019, CBIS has:

  • Reviewed 23,551 organizations
  • Researched 45,950 contacts
  • Added 7,783 contacts 
  • Added 17,256 meetings to MINT+
  • Additionally added 1,589 new organizations

June 2019

CBIS continues to enhance the MINT+ database with a team of researchers dedicated to improving the quality of MINT+ data. So far in 2019, CBIS has:

  • Reviewed 16,176 organizations
  • Researched 30,826 contacts
  • Added 5,021 contacts 
  • Added 8,555 meetings to MINT+

December 2018

This was a busy year for research that enhanced the MINT+ database. Throughout 2018, CBIS:

  • Reviewed 26,002 organizations
  • Researched 100,801 contacts
  • Added 13,495 contacts 
  • Added 22,421 meetings to MINT+

January 2017

After a complete cleansing of existing 96,193 contacts by CBIS in 2016, MINT+ will now receive ongoing cleansing of both organization and contact records. New data import from CBIS is now complete with:

  • Meeting preferences data, including preferred month and geographic regions
  • Organization and planner contacts not currently in MINT
  • Meeting rotation data from 5 years back and 5 years forward to augment missing bookings and historical locations

Query builder has been enhanced with the ability to search on additional data fields for more detailed search and prospecting.

February 2016

The February release expands the MINT+ database by adding CBIS organizations not previously found in MINT, and presumably also new to working with destination organizations since they have never been reported in MINT before. This includes:

  • 8,300 organizations
  • Over 11,000 new contacts
  • Over 37,000 meeting occurrences

Now, destination sales professionals will have a robust database of over 30,800 organizations for their search for query to enhance prospecting efforts.

January 2016

The January integration marked the completion of deduplication of organizations, about 7,000, matched between MINT+ and CBIS and a new look and feel to how the data is presented. CBIS has also provided updated information for:

  • Over 6,000 organizations
  • Over 4,700 contacts
  • Over 7,500 new contacts
  • Over 34,000 pieces of CBIS meetings data