Convince Your Boss to Send You to 2023 Marketing & Communications Summit


Need a little help convincing your boss to let you attend the 2023 Marketing & Communications Summit? We've put together a short letter that you can customize to help you convince your supervisor that it will be an incredibly valuable professional development experience for you and your organization.

Dear [Insert Manager's Name],
I would love to attend Destinations International's 2023 Marketing & Communications Summit in Norfolk, VA as I believe it will provide a lot of value for our organization. It's the perfect event to attend because it brings together professionals from similar destination organizations around the world that I could network with and learn from, and the education is timely and relevant to current industry issues. 

The summit is the preeminent gathering place of marketing, communications and public relations professionals dedicated to helping destination organizations thrive. This year's summit will challenge attendees to think about their roles within destination organizations as communities tackle new and diverse issues. Topics include:

  • Social media and blog content strategy creation
  • Building creative environments for agencies and staff
  • Working with freelancers and influencers
  • Developing an optimal technology resource toolbox
  • Using real-time data to influence destination stewardship and management

There are so many professional development opportunities at the convention. If I'm approved to attend I would be happy to bring back these key takeaways:
1. [#] different ideas and case studies on how other destinations have [solved or improved a local issue].
2. [#] new ideas and best practices for our team to implement in the coming year.
3. Meet [#] people to add to my professional peer-to-peer network.
If necessary, I can arrange for other team members to cover my responsibilities during the days I am attending the conference. I hope you agree that my attendance at the 2023 Destinations International Marketing & Communications Summit would be worthwhile to my own professional development and to the organization!
You can learn more about the Marketing & Communications Summit by clicking here. Thanks for your time!
[Insert Signature]