Architects of Destination Advocacy

A podcast for advocates in the tourism sector and the stories of tackling the biggest issues in the industry

Join us for the Architects of Destination Advocacy Podcast, a series from our advocacy team, in partnership with the Relic Agency, for destination organization professionals to learn more about the people and moments in our sector while also tackling the news and issues that we face today.

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Recent Episodes

Bill Geist has joined us to talk about the WRIGHT for Wisconsin and the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Monona Terrace convention center in Madison, Wisconsin.
Matthias Schultze with the German Convention Bureau has been leading with sustainable development goals for both his organization and for Deutschland for an extended period of time.
The Foundation Annual Challenge program is our way of bringing together industry thought leaders to solve the destination problems of tomorrow.
The Door County pledge is a unique pledge to better understand the precious assets in Door County but also align the efforts amongst residents and visitors alike.
One of the things we watch for in destinations are what we call flashpoint events - largely an event that leaves the destination organization remaining to pick up the pieces.
Andrew Hiebl, President/CEO of AACB talks to us about Australia's plan for the next decade of their visitor economy.


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