Ryan George headshot
Ryan George

Ryan George has held one job in his time at Simpleview — a responsibility he took on when he founded the company in February 2001. As CEO, he provides strategy and direction for the company, oversees its growth and operations through a cadre of highly skilled executives, and works to build industry knowledge and leadership in employees throughout the company.

Ryan is a frequent speaker at travel and tourism events, serves on the Destinations International Foundation Board of Trustees and a number of local boards of directors and is a member of Tucson Conquistadores, a philanthropy group supporting youth athletics and community groups.

Other than family, Simpleview is Ryan's nucleus and universe, and should be. After all, not a lot of people can say what he says with total sincerity: "I get my energy from staying connected to our people and our customers. I take great pride in what we've built, and I've made lifelong friendships in one of the world's most important industries. When asked about hobbies or 'bucket lists'...? I'm living mine everyday."