Gregg Shapiro headshot
Gregg Shapiro
President & Chief Creative Officer

Gregg is driven by the evolution of destination travel brands and events, and the massive speed of change in consumer expectations within the realm of digital experiences. As Tempest reaches the next inflection point in its business, Gregg is most excited to lead the integration and output of digital experiences that will define the next generation of digital marketing, reaching beyond technology and numbers by adding the integration of the human experience into the digital realm. Tempest has established a reputation for innovation and experiential leadership, and as President and Chief Creative Officer Gregg has found meaningful and creative ways to bring those values to the travel, tourism, and events industries.

“Having traveled to hundreds of cities throughout the world, I have found a single defining point that drives everything I do: every destination is one-of-a-kind. This demands that I dig deep to discover the best of every brand and represent this uniqueness in every facet of my work—from technology to design.”

Seven years ago, Gregg co-founded Tempest with the vision of change and opportunity, with the steadfast belief that in order to thrive, tourism and event brands need to be unique in delivery and focused on people first. Tempest has since become a trusted leader in the industry and a revered partner to countless destinations in the US and abroad, creating award-winning digital experiences for websites, applications, and digital marketing campaigns. During his tenure at Tempest, Gregg has also been trusted to lead brand and event initiatives for some of the biggest and best in the industry such as Google and Freeman, and has participated as a speaker, facilitator, and planner at countless events domestically and around the world.

Prior to founding Tempest Gregg spent 15 years working alongside some of the best creative talent in the technology, advertising, television, music, and digital marketing industries. Gregg’s brand experience highlights include CBS Television, Universal, Time Warner, Artisan Entertainment, MTV Networks, VH1, Viacom, as well as hundreds of top destinations spanning the globe. As a major label recording artist, Gregg had the unique opportunity to be mentored by some of the best and brightest creative minds in the industry. Gregg is a proficient guitar player and songwriter with credits in major motion pictures and soundtracks and is also an accomplished music producer credited for working with Grammy-winning music producers Sylvia Massy and Francis Buckley.

Gregg is an alumnus of the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology, which he earned by attending on a football scholarship. He is a member of the Arizona letter-winners club as an inside linebacker and also served on the coaching staff under college football legend Dick Tomey.