Barbara Jamison-Woods headshot
Barbara Jamison-Woods
Head of Business Development Europe; Tourism Sector Head
London & Partners

Barbara Jamison-Woods has worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years and brings to Destinations International a wealth of experience including youth and educational travel, inbound leisure and business tourism and the DMO sector. She is grateful and delighted to have been able to work with senior leaders and government ministers to champion and deliver sustainable growth within our industry. At the heart of Barbara’s career there are some fundamental areas that she is passionate about; the continued advocacy and wellbeing of destination and city organisations, being part of new ground breaking opportunities for our sector and job creation and mentoring. Barbara’s experience and business acumen and her current positions as VP and Board Director European Cities Marketing and Head of Business Tourism and Commercial Growth, London and Partners will allow her continued momentum to drive a closer collaboration between ECM and DI and other industry associations.