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Destinations International, in partnership with Longwoods International, is pleased to share the results of this National Resident Sentiment Study Towards Tourism. This White Paper is...
November 2020

We are in what we call the Great Interruption. A pandemic, civil unrest, widespread unemployment, a recession, natural disasters – all made worse by the...
October 2020

Destinations International has made the case that relying merely on ROI numbers to defend the value and relevancy of a destination organization was no longer...
October 2020

Despite the collective efforts of destination organizations, every year, a growing number continue to be under government and media attack. These attacks are getting worse...
November 2019

We can no longer count on blind government support; we can no longer solely rely on ROI statistics and we can no longer rely on...
October 2019

Overtourism and its related effects continues to rattle the travel and tourism industry, causing uncertainties and potential tensions amongst destination stakeholders, visitors, and residents. While...
November 2018

Overview The 2017/2018 report, prepared by Tourism Economics, looks at key takeaways from inbound international travel to the United States during 2017 and how trend...
October 2018

Over the past three months, governors across the country have taken to the podium to highlight their state's accomplishments and outline policy priorities as part...
April 2018



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