DNEXT Research

The foundation of DestinationNEXT started in 2014 when Destinations International collected data from 327 tourism bureaus in 36 countries to assemble the most significant travel trends and the top destination organization strategies designed to exploit them.

The detailed analysis of trends, strategies, and organization of the future concluded that destination organizations have three transformational opportunities to effectively address the changing world. These three opportunities form the DNA for DestinationNEXT:

  1. Destination organizations need to redefine their role from one that focuses on broadcasting information to one that develops credible engagement with potential visitors.
  2.  The future of destination leadership will be broadened to include destination brand management and destination development.
  3.  To ensure the sustainability of their organizations and long-term support for the local tourism industry, destination organizations need to explore business-model alternatives.

2019 Futures Study

The 2019 DestinationNEXT Futures Study identifies the trends and opportunities that will shape the future of destination marketing and management. 


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