DMAI Unveils Enhanced MINT+ Meetings Database

Destination sales professionals will now have access to enhanced planner information from Destination Marketing Association International’s (DMAI) empowerMINT initiative, through improved data hygiene and supplemental meetings and contact information supplied by Columbia Books Information Services (CBIS).

The empowerMINT initiative positions destination sales professionals as the consultative experts who are the best first point of contact to help planners find the right fit for any size meeting. The database, as one of two technology products supporting the mission, has operated as an exclusive resource for destinations to share information and prospect for meetings business. We recognize the need to augment the current internal collaboration and be responsive, arming our sales professionals with the best account intelligence possible.   

Because of this, DMAI partnered with CBIS, an information publisher with extensive experience in capturing and delivering relevant and highly accurate data for over 40 years. The first phase of the project entailed cleansing and supplementing records contained within the MINT database and CBIS. 

“Data has officially become the most important marketing tool,” said Charles Jeffers, Interim CEO & COO of DMAI. “Our collective knowledge and expertise on meetings business will always be one of our greatest assets. This enhanced platform makes our organization and our industry stronger, as our member DMOs are now equipped with better meeting intelligence to serve their customers.”

The newly enhanced MINT+ platform was launched to the DMO community on January 6, 2016. During the data cleansing process, 6,071 organizational records were updated along with 4,700 contacts. An additional 7,410 new contacts were also added to the database. In total, 37,960 new meetings were added to the MINT foundation. 

We will begin licensing CBIS data that does not currently exist within the MINT database, and by the end of 2016 verify those contacts in MINT not found in CBIS.   

We would like to extend our appreciation to the leadership of our DMAI Sales and Marketing Committee who thoughtfully helped us examine and vet the enhancements to MINT+. 

Learn more about MINT+ by clicking here