Member Forum

Destinations International's Member Forum is an online community for professionals to connect, engage and learn from each other.

Coming this fall, the Member Forum will become the easiest way to quickly contact Destinations International members for recommendations and resources.


  • Start or participate in online discussions around a topic of interest.
  • Undecided on what to do or looking for a quick vote? Quickly poll community members to reveal the most common preferences or practices.
  • Ask a Question to solicit responses from your peers. Select a Best Answer to help others quickly identify what solution worked for you.
  • Exchange strategic plans, requests for proposal, brand guidelines, and other documents through the file upload function.


  • Destinations International will provide a number of categories like Advocacy, Membership/Partnership, and Leadership to help organize discussions.
  • Find and index similar discussions by tagging posts and comments with relevant topics.
  • Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to request more categories or tags.


  • The global search feature helps you easily identify posts and comments of interest to you.
  • Looking for something specific? The advanced search feature -- by category, date, user, and more! -- helps you narrow your search results.


  • Express your nonverbal cues with Agrees, Disagree, Like, and LOLs. Promote a post or comment to push it to the "Best Of..." page.
  • Share any nuggets you discover to your broader following through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.
  • Send private messages to others directly from the Member Forum or @Mention users in your posts and comments to get their attention.
  • Get email notifications on categories, discussions, private messages, and more.
  • We encourage all of our members to help make our community a better place. Badges will be awarded as a "Thank you!" for your ongoing activity in the Member Forum.

Beta and Beyond

On wrapping up a 60-day testing period starting mid-July, we will convene to implement as many feature requests as possible and begin rolling out the Member Forum at our upcoming Summits.