empowerMINT Pricing

empowerMINT.com and the MINT+ Database are bundled into one subscription essential for any destination looking to further grow its meetings and groups business.

Destinations International members subscribe annually to empowerMINT at the following rates based on the organization's total operating budget:

Annual Budget Size Subscription Rate
Less than US$ 1 Million US$ 5,200
US$ 1,000,001 to US$ 3,000,000 US$ 7,350
US$ 3,000,001 to US$ 6,000,000 US$ 10,000
US$ 6,000,001 to US$ 10,000,000 US$ 13,150
Greater than US$ 10,000,000 US$ 15,300


For more information, contact Elaine Rosquist at [email protected] or +1.202.835.4209.