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Despite the rise of OTAs, mobile apps, and other digital booking tools, a recent survey of U.S. travelers found that a majority “are still highly dependent on advice from travel professionals,”...
December 2017
High winds forced new evacuations due to the wildfires around Los Angeles Thursday morning, although some major freeways that had been closed were able to reopen. The Los Angeles Times reports that...
December 2017
Millennials are splurging on travel because they know they’re unlikely to get on the housing ladder, according to industry experts.
December 2017
What if you could play with landmarks instead of just touring them? Nexto is turning audio guides into games to make sightseeing more interactive.
December 2017
Reports from the U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office and U.S. Department of Commerce show that Americans are traveling more as they save on grocery and holiday meal expenses. So which places are...
December 2017
CEOs are still at the top of the masthead at travel companies, but when it comes to reaching key decision makers who actually have a say in day-to-day marketing and operations, chief marketing...
December 2017
The biggest benefit of working with influencers is that they can help you create more authentic content about your brand, but it may be a bit challenging to do this if you haven’t worked with...
November 2017