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We are at a time of significant change in our industry. We are at a strategic inflection point. A point in time in the life...
October 2020

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“A company cannot achieve long-term profits without embracing purpose and considering the needs of a broad range of stakeholders.” -- Larry Fink Recently, I...
September 2020

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Values are important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a community about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable...
September 2020

As we are all stuck indoors and trying to make the best out of our time - while staying safe - for some of us,...
August 2020

This year at the Destinations International Annual Convention 2020, Jack Johnson, Chief Advocacy Officer at Destinations International, really threw down the gauntlet in a big...
July 2020

Keep Calm It's the New Normal
Around the corner from my house is the Reese Funeral Home. A couple of years ago, shortly after I moved to Alexandria, Virginia USA, the...
June 2020

Loudoun County
There remains a lack of understanding of what a destination organization does, why it is important, why it is relevant to residents, and stakeholders alike...
June 2020

By now, if you have lived in any major city across the United States, you’ve no doubt seen, heard, or been narrowly hit by the...
January 2019


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